Pokemon news: a fruity Pikachu comes to Taipei; update on Pokemon Grandpa

Pokemon news: a fruity Pikachu comes to Taipei; update on Pokemon Grandpa


Now a bouquet of news for Pokemon fans. A series of events is bringing a special fruity Pikachu to Taipei City. You’ll be able to see him performing in Da’an Forest Park. Mayor Ko Wen-je was on hand to discuss his own feelings about the Japanese video game phenomenon. And we also have an update from the city’s beloved Pokemon grandpa. When we last spoke to the Pokemon Go expert in 2020, he had dozens of phones on one bike, in his efforts to catch ‘em all.

A Pikachu in a fruity T-shirt charms the audience. This limited-edition fruity Pikachu is only available in Taipei. He will appear in Pokemon Go for one year from October on, and star at multiple events organized by the Pokemon Company and Taipei City.

This glowing Pikachu has a luminous head at night. You can see him performing in Da’an Forest Park in the evening. Ticket-holders will also get to meet the rare Pokemon Pachirisu. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je doesn’t play Pokemon Go but he knows that many see a likeness between him and Psyduck.

Ko Wen-je
Taipei mayor
I don’t know why I get put together with Psyduck. I really can’t see what we have in common, apart from this head-scratching thing we do.

Ko put on a Psyduck shirt prepared for him but declined to enter a beauty contest with the Pokemon. The Japanese video game creatures are still as big now as they were decades ago, with seemingly universal appeal. Pokemon Go is especially popular.

Jeffery hsu
In Taiwan, like in other countries, the average age of gamers has gone up. The way we play videogames has changed. Now you can play while you are walking on the street. It’s almost like a health or fitness thing. You can also interact with other gamers in real life.

Two years ago, Taiwan feted its own Pokemon Go celebrity, a Taipei grandpa who attached more than 60 smartphones to his bike in order to catch ‘em all. His dedication made him the most famous Pokemon hunter in the country.

Chen San-yuan (2020)
Pokemon grandpa
I don’t take them off to ride around here. I can see fine and I can see the cars coming. When I ride down a busier, big road, then I take a few phones off and I can see better.

Since our last interview, Pokemon grandpa achieved his goal of 72 phones on his bike, with sponsorship from a phone company. His family informed us that he’s not able to speak easily anymore, since a stroke at the start of the year. Neighbors in Taipei surely miss the sight of grandpa riding down the street on his latest quest.

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