Bag designer donates his designs to community center in Taitung village

Bag designer donates his designs to community center in Taitung village


A bag designer has donated his trendy designs to a Taitung village, along with support to rebuild the community center. Community leaders in Dahdah Village have been struggling financially since COVID hit. But thanks to the generosity of friends, they, along with local children, will get through the summer easier.

Welcome to the community center in Dahdah Village, Taitung. Volunteers bring in boxes full of colorful bags. Their bright colors and clever design make them look like a cartoon come to life.

Local kids are excited to get their new accessories.

There are T-shirts too. They’ve all been donated by bag designer Lin Fei-pi and his friends. They heard that Dahdah community center needed help because of the pandemic, and held a fundraiser. The goal was NT$50,000 at first, but support flooded in. In the end, they collected NT$150,000 to help repair the center.

Lin Fei-pi
It was a charity event. We were looking for a way to connect with people in Taiwan who needed help. We learned that Dahdah village had rural children who needed help, whether with repairing the center, or with school fees. So we raised some money to make a donation.

Community organizer and teacher
I tell the children this is a cycle of love. Today, people who have the ability are standing by us and supporting us. In the future, we will become people with the ability, and then we can support other people. It’s learning to become someone who contributes.

The donations will help repair the building, and fund rapid COVID tests for the village. The children wanted to thank their generous friends in their Indigenous language.










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