US officials advocate for helping boost Taiwan’s deterrence capabilities

US officials advocate for helping boost Taiwan’s deterrence capabilities


China’s growing ambition to invade Taiwan was made clear in a recently published footage of a PLA beach landing exercise. However, U.S. Army officials believe China is still a long way from successfully doing so. They added that what the U.S. should do now is to boost Taiwan’s asymmetric capabilities in order to deter any offensive action by China.

Chinese state media CCTV released footage of a PLA beach landing exercise, the target obviously being Taiwan. At a think tank discussion on Tuesday, U.S. Army General Charles Flynn said that crossing the Taiwan Strait is not as easy a feat as China may think. Also at the event, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth says that even Chinese leader Xi Jinping may have reservations about a successful amphibious invasion of Taiwan.

Charles Flynn
US Army Pacific Command
The complexity of a joint island landing campaign is not a small matter. You have to be an incredibly professional, well-trained, well-led force. And they’re working on it, but I will tell you that from my perspective, they’re not ten feet tall. They have work to do.

Christine Wormuth
US Army secretary
So I would imagine President Xi may have questions about how successfully the PLA could do that. I personally am not of the view that an amphibious invasion of Taiwan is imminent, but we have to obviously prepare. When I think of the Army’s role in the Indo-Pacific, I really focus on deterrence.

Wormuth said the best way to avoid land war is to boost Taiwan’s asymmetric capabilities and help Taiwan become a porcupine that can deter an invasion. Meanwhile, at a webinar hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns said his country has a unique responsibility to help Taiwan deter any Chinese offensive action.

Nicholas Burns
US ambassador to China
The United States has a unique responsibility here due to the Taiwan Relations Act. It is our obligation, obviously, to maintain our own military strength in and around Taiwan in this part of the world to make sure that the Taiwan authorities have the ability to deter any kind of Chinese offensive action. It’s also, I think, our responsibility to galvanize the rest of the world to make sure that the Chinese cannot get away with coercion or intimidation against Taiwan itself.

Burns added that the U.S. and its allies want to see Beijing respect the status quo of the Taiwan Strait, and underscored the necessity of a peaceful solution to cross-strait differences.

威脅升溫! 美駐中國大使伯恩斯:美對台有獨特責任


美國關注中國威脅台灣的舉動 ,美國駐中國大使伯恩斯主張,美國對台灣負有「獨特責任」,有義務在台灣周邊地區維持軍力,以遏阻中國犯台。美國陸軍高層也指出,中國要橫越台灣海峽天險入侵,難度相當高,可能連習近平都懷疑,兩棲登陸作戰能否成功。陸軍部長甚至直言,她不認為中國入侵台灣迫在眉睫。


[[美國太平洋陸軍司令 佛林]]

[[美國陸軍部長 沃梅斯]]


[[美國駐中國大使 伯恩斯]]


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