MOFA draws up action plan for Taiwan’s accession to CPTPP

MOFA draws up action plan for Taiwan’s accession to CPTPP


Officials say that 2024 will be a “window of opportunity” for Taiwan to join the CPTPP, or the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. That’s because Canada, which is open to Taiwan’s participation, will be the trade bloc’s rotating chair. To support Taiwan’s membership bid, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has drawn up a three-part action plan.

Chen Chien-jen
Our membership application is already submitted. Japan, Canada, and Australia all support Taiwan’s bid.

Taiwan is continuing on its campaign to join the CPTPP, or the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. Premier Chen Chien-jen says a working group will be formed to coordinate operations.

Chen Chien-jen
We have contact channels for the head negotiators of some of the members, or their ministers and deputy ministers. We’re stepping up our efforts and setting up a working group for Taiwan’s bid.

Wang Mei-hua
Economics minister
On this trip I met Hagiuda Koichi, the head of the Liberal Democratic Party’s Policy Research Council. I expressed Taiwan’s desire to join the CPTPP, and he responded positively. The world is seeing Taiwan’s industrial strengths more and more, and that will be helpful to our CPTPP bid.

Freshly returned from Japan, economics minister Wang Mei-hua says that the Office of Trade Negotiations will represent Taiwan in CPTPP talks. To build support for Taiwan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has formulated an action plan with three strategies.

The first is to forge informal communication channels with chief negotiators over the course of the next year, and to engage with member economies via those channels. The second is to engage with influential nations like Japan, Canada and the U.K., to shape views conducive to Taiwan’s membership. The third is to create a pro-Taiwan atmosphere in countries less friendly to Taiwan, by conducting exchanges with think tanks and industry representatives.

Voice of Lien Yu-ping (Nov. 13)
MOFA International Cooperation and Economic Affairs Dept.
Canada will be the rotating chair next year. So next year offers a key window of opportunity. We should make the most of that time.

Taiwan submitted its application in 2021. Other countries with applications pending are China, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. Officials say 2024 will be a key year for negotiations, saying that the government will do all it can to speed up the accession process and show Taiwan’s economic prowess to the world.

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2024入會關鍵之年! 陳建仁:積極運作台灣加入CPTPP



[[行政院長 陳建仁]]

台灣持續努力,申請加入"跨太平洋夥伴全面進步協定" CPTPP,行政院長陳建仁透露,台灣將設置入會工作小組,積極運作。

[[行政院長 陳建仁]]

[[經濟部長 王美花]]



[[聲源: 外交部國經司司長 連玉蘋(11.13)]]



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