20 technologies showcased at ITRI ICT Solution Day

20 technologies showcased at ITRI ICT Solution Day


Twenty innovative technologies went on display on Wednesday at the ITRI ICT Solution Day. The event was organized by ITRI, or the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and the economics ministry’s Department of Industrial Technology. It showcased solutions from a wide range of sectors, from logistics and smart health care to sports and culture. Highlights included a smart canoe system, an automated ticketing machine, and an AI model generator that can produce a 3D character in just five minutes.

Enthusiastic staff paddle away. With this system, canoeing is possible indoors. The smart oars are embedded with sensors, and system is based on the motion data of national athletes. There’s also this innovative technology.

You can book an experience, buy a flexible tour package, and do some retail shopping, all without a ticket booth or a human attendant. This single machine integrates suppliers, sales channels, and consumers. It’s among the 20 technologies showcased at ICT Solution Day, organized by the economics ministry and the Industrial Technology Research Institute.

Chiou Chyou-huey
Department of Industrial Technology director-general
For us, service technology is a very important direction for development and investment. These service technologies can drive our service industry, making it more competitive. It can even make life smart and more convenient for people.

Service technology can support a range of fields, from travel to smart health care. At the event, a special guest was invited to showcase generative AI.

A contestant on the reality show NEXT GIRLZ sings a duet with an AI version of herself. The technology goes beyond traditional 2D creation, producing a 3D model in just five minutes, using 52 parameters. Another AI application was a platform for calculating insurance claims. Using AI, it yields clear and comprehensive results based on data from various insurance companies.

Roger Cheng
ITRI Service System Technology Center general director
We’ve shifted from the “technology push” of the past to applying technology in solutions. This marks a very important step in Taiwan’s journey from manufacturing to branded services, and particularly to innovative services.

Taiwan is producing a variety of branded services, in fields like logistics, health care, and sports and culture. Through these solutions, innovators are achieving advancements in everyday life.

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工研院"ICT解方日"登場! 新創大秀20項技術





[[經濟部產業技術司司長 邱求慧]]



[[工研院服科中心執行長 鄭仁傑]]

各式各樣的品牌應用服務,從物流倉儲、醫療到流行運動文化,透過解決方案,讓民眾生活日常向前 跨出一大步。


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