The dangerous job of rope technician and all it entails

The dangerous job of rope technician and all it entails


Have you ever looked up to see a worker hanging off the side of a tall building on a rope? That person may have been an engineer or rope technician, conducting maintenance or repairs. Today we put the spotlight on this dangerous job and all it entails. Rope technicians have to pass rigorous tests to enter the profession, but once they’re qualified, they enjoy high salaries.

The pair confirm their safety equipment is all buckled up correctly.

Then they can go off the edge.

They’re working on a 10-story residential building, making the outer walls more water-resistant.

If you want to work in high ropes, you need to go through ropes training. There are three levels of certification. These workers all need to pass Level 1, the most basic level, and have professional engineering knowledge.

Han Meng-ting
Rope technician
We need to understand the locks on the carabiners, and the functions of the knots, and also the structures. The most important thing is protecting the ropes, because it’s the mother lock that will save our life.

To work in midair, you can’t have a fear of heights. The work is often at 10 floors above the ground. When the wind rises, the ropes can sway to and fro, a big challenge. The dangerous job is well-paid, with monthly salaries over NT$100,000 commonplace.

Lin Huan-yi
Rope technician
If you can’t control yourself in the air, for example if you start to panic, and you can’t control it, then you’re not suited to the job. Actually, you’ll be weeded out during the training, they won’t let you pass the test.

The thrilling job appeals to some because of a personal interest. For others, it’s a route to a high salary. But many people would pass over a job as risky as this.

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