NPP lawmaker Huang Kuo-chang criticized for quitting party to join Ko’s TPP

NPP lawmaker Huang Kuo-chang criticized for quitting party to join Ko’s TPP


Former lawmaker Huang Kuo-chang has quit the New Power Party to join the Taiwan People’s Party. The decision has been slammed by his peers, who say he has lost his integrity and is now working against his past ideals. Huang had been a leader of the Sunflower Student Movement, which opposed the KMT’s attempt to ram a cross-strait service trade pact through the Legislative Yuan without parliamentary oversight. But now, Huang is in the TPP. The party’s chair Ko Wen-je has voiced support for resuming talks on the same controversial pact.

After quitting the New Power Party and joining the Taiwan People’s Party, Huang Kuo-chang spoke in a radio interview about his decision.

Huang Kuo-chang
Former lawmaker
For the sake of the future development of party politics, Taiwan needs a powerful force that keeps both big parties in check.

Huang’s reason was rejected by NPP lawmaker Chiu Hsien-chih, who accused Huang of choosing to stand with corruption.

Chiu Hsien-chih
NPP lawmaker
The TPP’s stance on our sovereignty and identity, and its position on transparency and corruption in politics run completely counter to Huang Kuo-chang’s position.

Huang Kuo-chang
Former lawmaker
I respect his opinion. Yes. I respect it.

Faced with criticisms from his old NPP colleagues, Huang would only say he respected their opinions. Back in 2014, Huang became a leader of the Sunflower Student Movement, which protested the KMT’s passing of the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement without a legislative review. Now, Huang is in the TPP, whose chair, Ko Wen-je, has called to restart talks on the agreement.

Huang Kuo-chang (March 19, 2014)
Academia Sinica researcher
I’d like to ask our lawmakers. Where is the legal supervision over signing cross-strait agreements?

Huang’s decision has been protested by the other leaders of the Sunflower Student Movement. They released a statement saying: Ma Ying-jeou, who has close ties with China. The KMT’s Eric Chu and Hou Yu-ih who support the ‘1992 Consensus’ and call for the resumption of talks on the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement. The TTP’s Ko Wen-je, who says that both sides of the strait are one family and who now also supports the agreement. All these forces of the past are making a comeback. We cannot accept that the leaders of the student movement back then are now involved in a joint platform between the KMT and the TPP that will lead Taiwan in the wrong direction towards China.

Claire Wang
New Power Party chair
It would’ve been unimaginable that a person who stood up in front of tens of thousands of people, leading rallies against the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement and against CTi TV, would turn around and speak in defense of people who say both sides of the strait are one family, who want to restart the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement, and who want CTi TV to broadcast on TV again. For the Huang Kuo-chang I knew to give up his dignity to trade with the devil and to stand with the enemy would’ve been hard to achieve.

The NPP chair criticized Huang for turning back on his peers. She said that although Huang had chosen an easier road forward for himself his every action would be closely watched. She said that all his actions regarding the cross-strait trade pact and cross-strait relations will be scrutinized for all to see.

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黃國昌退時力加入民眾黨 王婉諭:難以想像




[[前立委 黃國昌]]


[[立委(時力) 邱顯智]]

[[前立委 黃國昌]]


[[時任中研院副研究員 黃國昌(2014.3.19)]]


[[時力黨主席 王婉諭]]



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