TPP’s Ko criticizes KMT, putting a question mark over opposition party cooperation

TPP’s Ko criticizes KMT, putting a question mark over opposition party cooperation


It’s just been three days since the opposition TPP and KMT said they would cooperate on a historic joint presidential ticket, but already, cracks are beginning to show. On Thursday, the TPP’s presidential candidate Ko Wen-je complained about the KMT in an interview. Ko expressed worries that the KMT might rig the polls that will be used to select a presidential candidate. He also alleged the KMT told him the winning presidential candidate needed to have NT$2 billion on hand and said ironically that even the KMT’s party list of legislators were being auctioned off. KMT politicians hit back, denying the allegation and saying that Ko had misunderstood them.

Ko Wen-je
TPP presidential candidate
He said it will be polls conducted between Nov.7 and Nov. 17. I want to say that I’ve been watching things for so long and there have been no polls. We’ll soon know whether someone has been cheating, as everything will come out in the wash tomorrow.

It’s down to the final poll race between the TPP’s Ko Wen-je and the KMT’s Hou Yu-ih. Ko now says that he expects the KMT to cheat him. In a recent interview, he had said that if he were to end up as vice president, he’d accept the role to monitor Hou closely. But now, he doesn’t seem happy with the method used to decide the roles. Former lawmaker Huang Kuo-chang explains why.

Huang Kuo-chang
Former lawmaker
As soon as you all reached an agreement, I discovered that almost all the polling companies in Taiwan were booked out.

Ko now says he will not accept the results of the opinion polls if they are not fair. But that wasn’t Ko’s only criticism of the KMT. He said he was dumbfounded when negotiations began and he discovered that the KMT was auctioning off its posts on the party list.

Ko Wen-je
TPP presidential candidate
The KMT’s attitude was like “If you want to run for president, you need to have NT$2 billion, actually, you better have NT$10 billion.”

Wang Jin-pyng
Former legislative speaker
That’s never been the case. Just ask Ko and you’ll know. He definitely was not put under any pressure. No one put pressure on him.

Lee De-wei
KMT lawmaker
Whether it’s in the past or now, Ko has an outlook that’s based on many past misconceptions. I think that this cooperation between the TPP and KMT, will get him to understand us better.

Though Ko had agreed to cooperate with the KMT, he’s now full of complaints, much to the chagrin of KMT lawmakers and surprise of observers. Amid speculation that Ko may do a volte face, he is now the biggest uncertainty in the alliance between the TPP and KMT.

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爆與國黨合作"要準備20億" 柯諷藍不分區是標價的



[[民眾黨總統參選人 柯文哲]]


[[前立委 黃國昌]]


[[民眾黨總統參選人 柯文哲]]

[[前立法院長 王金平]]

[[立委(國) 李德維]]



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