Bakeries with small storefronts earn huge profits for hotels

Bakeries with small storefronts earn huge profits for hotels


If you’ve ever stayed at a large hotel in Taiwan, then you’ve likely seen a hotel bakery. Taiwanese love baked goods, and that fact has not been lost on the major hotel chains. Hotel bakeries with a small storefront of 13 ping or less can generate monthly revenue of up to NT$3 million, and some shops have earned that much with significantly less space than that. To stay competitive, big hotels in the country are sure to have well-trained pastry chefs on staff.

The baker delicately slices the pastry in half, revealing several layers wrapped around a chestnut puree filling.

Wu En-wen
Food critic
It’s not greasy at all, and it has a delicate texture and lingering aftertaste.

This salted caramel pastry is topped with a butterfly-shaped chocolate. Its delicate layers lend it a crispy texture.

Lee Chen-ming
Pastry chef
Making a pastry like this requires ample time and experience. The layers can be peeled apart, and can be eaten like that, one layer at a time.

These baked goods take half a day to create, and a limited number is made each day. A hotel bakery can make nine types of breads and pastries daily in a 13-ping storefront, and generate some NT$3 million of monthly revenue.

Wu Jo-ning
Food and catering services marketing
We primarily focus on Danish pastries. We are aware that consumers in Taipei tend to especially enjoy pastries with a crispy texture.

At this bakery a variety of breads are on offer, and a worker is busy restocking shelves. At another hotel bakery space is more limited, but the shop’s lower prices and focus on healthier options have kept business booming.

Chao Chih-chi
Hotel marketing
A bakery on the first floor of a hotel that’s only 5 or 6 ping in size can earn between NT$2 and NT$3 million per month.

Bakeries are an industry worth NT$80 billion annually in Taiwan. With their ability to generate large profits from small storefronts, they may be the hotel industry’s golden goose.

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金雞母! 烘焙坊進駐飯店 小小空間創造千萬營收




[[美食家 吳恩文]]


[[點心坊主廚 李振銘]]

從製作到出爐超過半天時間,每天限量供應,飯店新開烘焙坊,做出9款麵包, 13坪店面,目標月營業額300萬元。

[[連鎖餐飲行銷企劃副總 吳若寧]]


[[飯店行銷公關總監 趙芝綺]]



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