Medical workers protest the nation’s poor environment for medical professionals

Medical workers protest the nation’s poor environment for medical professionals


The pandemic may be over, but medical personnel are still overworked due to a staff shortage. Despite an expansion of enrollment quotas in medical schools’ departments of traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacy, and nursing, as well as the lowering of the threshold for passing the national doctors exams, the demand is still greater than the supply. This has led to a medical workers’ protest on Sunday. Dubbed the Black Cross Movement, the rally in front of the Presidential Office Building was jointly conducted by medical workers from five branches of medicine.

Tsai Feng-chou
Taiwan Medical Workers Alliance convenor
If you want a good medical environment you have to start with the funding for medical facilities and investments in medicine. Only in this way can we have the budget needed to improve the employment situation of medical workers. Who would stay in this environment when a job doesn’t guarantee a living?

Chen Jia-fan
Doctor of Chinese medicine
How can we continue to recruit students to study Chinese medicine when there aren’t enough teachers to train them? It’s very easy for people to get a license. The students worry that they haven’t received a good education and haven’t learned what they should learn, and that they do not have a good foundation. At the same time, the people who visit these doctors will become indirect victims.

Voice of Hsueh Jui-yuan
Health minister
We have to work hard to improve the medical environment. However, if the medical environment changes, will the existing manpower be able to meet future demand? This will not necessarily happen, so we still need to keep monitoring the situation and keep an eye on the supply and demand.

Facing the protesters, health minister Hsueh says Taiwan’s population is aging rapidly, and it isn’t right to put limits on the number of medical manpower by law.

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上千醫事人員上凱道 發起"黑十字運動"


疫情過後,醫事人員過勞問題浮上檯面,但中醫系、藥學系、護理系將增加招生增名額、降低國考門檻,以及日前的波波牙醫爭議尚未平歇。今天(19) 五大醫界團體集結,踏上凱道展開"黑十字運動"。

[[台灣醫事人員大聯盟發起人 蔡豐州]]

[[中醫師 陳嘉帆]]

[[聲源:衛福部長 薛瑞元]]



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