US likely to commit troops to defend Taiwan if China attacks: Former US Army general

US likely to commit troops to defend Taiwan if China attacks: Former US Army general


Tensions in the Sino-U.S. relationship appear to have eased somewhat following a recent summit between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Weighing in on the talks, some experts say that the U.S. remains committed to Taiwan’s defense, despite comments from Xi on the issue. A former U.S. army general says it is becoming clearer that the U.S. would commit troops to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack. He says Xi has various problems on his hands, and that attacking Taiwan would not be in China’s interest at this time.

Will Ripley
CNN reporter
Does that deterrent force need to include the help of larger militaries like the U.S., like Japan?

Su Tzu-yun
Institute of National Defense and Security Research
Sure. Taiwan enjoys a very important location. If Beijing can occupy Taiwan, it will become a so-called Chinese Hawaii. They can send their submarines from Eastern Taiwan, and such submarines can reach the west coast of the United States, to strike the United States.

Wesley Clark
Retired US Army general
We become more and more clear that the United States will commit forces to defend Taiwan if China attacks. So, this is on China, and President Xi has many problems other than Taiwan. He’s got a real-estate problem. He’s got a population problem. He’s got other issues to work with, not just Taiwan. So we shouldn’t overreact to this.

CNN reported that the Taiwan Strait issue continues to be a sensitive topic in Sino-U.S. relations. As Taiwan’s next presidential election draws closer, cross-strait tensions will continue to be a key topic in the development of relations between the United States, China, and Taiwan.

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評拜習會 美四星退將:中若攻台 美國將出兵協防




[[國防院學者 蘇紫雲]]

[[美國退役四星上將 克拉克]]
“我們立場已經愈來愈鮮明,就是如果中國一旦發動攻擊 ,美國將會出動協防台灣,所以這就等於看中國的立場了,因為習近平主席可能面臨其他問題,他有中國房市問題要解決,他有人口問題,他有其他事情要處理,而不只有台灣,所以我們無須過度反應”



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