Hsieh Su-wei wins Australian Open mixed doubles to bag 7th career Grand Slam title

Hsieh Su-wei wins Australian Open mixed doubles to bag 7th career Grand Slam title


Taiwan’s tennis ace Hsieh Su-wei has won her seventh Grand Slam title. The win comes from a remarkable performance at the mixed doubles final with her Polish partner Jan Zielinski. It was a nail biter of a three-set match that twice went into tie-breakers. Now Hsieh is preparing for another final match in the women’s doubles this Sunday, with hopes of winning a second title at this year’s Australian Open.

Hsieh Su-wei and mixed doubles partner Jan Zielinski from Poland won a nail-biter of a match on Friday against Desirae Krawczyk from the U.S. and Neal Skupski from the U.K. The win is Hsieh’s first ever mixed doubles Grand Slam trophy and the seventh Grand Slam title of her career. For Hsieh and Zielinski, it was a hard-won battle in the final.

In the first set, Hsieh and Zielinski were trailing behind 3-5. They managed turn the tide, bagging three sets in a row. But they were soon stuck in a tiebreaker for the seventh set. Utlimately they were defeated by their rivals 5-7. The second game also started off with Hsieh and Zielinski falling behind 2-4. But a veritable show of resilience got them back in the lead after winning three sets in a row.

With a volley at the net, Hsieh made the winning move for the game point, snatching the game 6-4. With the score 1-1, the two sides staged an intense game for the win. The scores climbed up to 8-9 in favor of the U.S.-U.K. team, who held the championship point. But Hsieh broke the point, and with three more points bagged another set. Hsieh and Zielinski got back in the lead to strike a win 11-9.

Hsieh Su-wei
Mixed doubles winner
Thank you my partner, Jan, thank you so much to write me the message, because I was not sure who I could play mixed doubles until you write me the message. So thank you for picking me up for mixed doubles partner.

The win was Zielinski’s first Grand Slam title.

Jan Zielinski
Mixed doubles winner
Thanks to my partner, like she said, we didn’t know until the last minute who we’re going to play the mixed doubles with. I was looking until the very last day, or second-last day. We found each other on the looking list, and it worked out pretty well.

With one trophy secured, Hsieh is now headed for the women’s doubles finals on Sunday, where she could win a second title in the championship.

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