TSMC announces second Kumamoto fab, construction to start by year’s end

TSMC announces second Kumamoto fab, construction to start by year’s end


TSMC has formally announced a second semiconductor plant in Japan’s Kumamoto prefecture. Construction is expected to start by the end of the year, with operations slated for 2027. The fab will produce chips for automotive, industrial, consumer and high performance computing-related applications. The investment will have backing from Japanese companies including Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Denso, and Toyota Motor.

Taiwan semiconductor firm TSMC has officially announced a second plant in Kumamoto.

At 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, TSMC made an announcement that was immediately picked up by TV-Kumamoto.

It has been revealed that the second fab will be located close to the first one.

A company statement said that TSMC, along with partners Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Denso Corporation, and Toyota Motor, will expand investment into Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, TSMC’s majority-owned subsidiary in Kumamoto. The plan was to build a second fab scheduled to start operations by the end of 2027.

The press release said that, in response to rising customer demand, construction on the second fab will start this year. TSMC’s two fabs are projected to offer monthly production capacity of more than 100,000 12-inch wafers, starting from 40, 22/28, 12/16 and 6/7 nanometer process technologies for automotive, industrial, consumer and high performance computing-related applications.

Nobunaga Chai
Semiconductor industry expert
Based on our current observations, it’s very likely that the second chip fab will be right next to the first, creating twin fabs. TSMC will likely continue to grow its investments and production capacity in Japan.

Construction on the second fab is set to start by the end of 2024. With the new investment, TSMC will hold equity stakes of 86.5% in JASM. Sony Semiconductor Solutions will hold 6.0%; Denso, 5.5%; and Toyota Motor 2.0%.

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熊本廠開幕前夕 再傳擴廠消息! 台積電拍板興建二廠






台積電新聞稿指出,包含索尼半導體解決方案公司(Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, SSS)、電裝株式會社(DENSO Corporation),以及豐田汽車公司(Toyota Motor Corporation)進一步投資台積公司於日本熊本縣擁有多數股權之晶圓製造子公司Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, Inc.(JASM),以興建第二座晶圓廠,並計畫於2027年底開始營運。


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