ITRI showcases 16 innovations at RIN CEOs meeting

ITRI showcases 16 innovations at RIN CEOs meeting


For the first time ever, Europe’s Research International Network, or RIN, held its CEOs meeting in Asia this year. The event took place this week in Hsinchu. The Industrial Technology Research Institute, or ITRI, showcased 16 of its overseas collaborations, which tackle challenges including labor shortages and climate change.

One arm picks up a wrench, and another attaches a part to one end. The hand tool industry traditionally relies on manual labor. But this artificial intelligence system can use dual robots to revolutionize assembly, offering enterprises a solution to the labor shortage. This is just one of the groundbreaking technologies developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute, or ITRI.

Another highlight is this design for solar panel modules that are easily dismantled. Traditional encapsulation materials for modules are a challenge to remove, preventing the full recycling of solar cells and glass plates. But this new technology allows the recovery of high-purity silicon wafers that can be reused. For over 20 years now, ITRI has been a member of the European Trade Association of Research and Technology Organisations. The association’s RTOs International Network, or RIN, held its yearly CEOs meeting in Asia for the first time this year. Following Taiwan’s successful hosting bid, the event opened on March 26, showcasing cutting-edge technologies.

Chiou Chyou-huey
Dept. of Industrial Technology director general
Taiwan Textile Research Institute developed an eco-friendly conductive ink, which has earned an R&D 100 Award and a gold Edison Award. In addition, there’s a collaboration with Germany’s largest research organization, called the Fraunhofer. It’s an autonomous adaptive robot for welding large structural parts.

At the event, ITRI showed 16 of its overseas collaborations. Some have already been adopted by corporations at home and abroad. They include a low-temperature catalyst technology for reutilizing carbon dioxide. ITRI Senior Vice President Stephen Su, who recently became RIN chair, said ITRI was working to enhance the global competitiveness of Taiwan’s industries.

Stephen Su
ITRI senior vice president and RIN chair
We were able to secure the position of chair in this international organization. Backed by international legislation, we want to promote Taiwan’s innovative technologies to the world, to help our industries be internationally competitive and achieve a certain position globally.

Edwin Liu
ITRI president
This will facilitate our integration with the world. We were also able to share some of our thinking behind the 2035 Technology Strategy & Roadmap with research organizations around the world.

Since its founding five years ago, the RIN has become Europe’s largest networking platform for global applied research and technology organizations. ITRI is striving to make its mark in the organization, and to ensure Taiwan’s industries stay ahead of the game with forward-thinking strategies.

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RIN亞洲辦年會 首站台灣! 工研院秀"金牌"交流





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