Elementary school archery team from Hualien needs help to get to event in Singapore

Elementary school archery team from Hualien needs help to get to event in Singapore


Over on the east coast there’s an elementary school archery team famous for gold medals and first place finishes. Hualien City’s Zhonghua Elementary School recently earned a spot at an international competition in Singapore but there’s just one problem: the team needs NT$900,000 more in travel expenses if it’s going to make the trip. The team has already fundraised NT$400,000, but before they represent Taiwan on the international stage, they’ll first need the help of some more generous supporters.

Hailing from Hualien, these young archers are refining their skills while listening closely to their coach’s instructions. They’re part of Zhonghua Elementary School’s archery team, which just recently won gold and silver medals in individual events at two national competitions. But that’s not all; the team also earned the right to represent Taiwan at a competition in Singapore this July.

Sung Pei-chieh
Archer from Zhonghua Elementary
I’m looking forward to it. I want to bring honor to Taiwan. Go get another gold medal and bring back a trophy, and then get more people to want to join archery teams. This can help the national archery team get better over time.

Chuang Hao-tse
Archer from Zhonghua Elementary
I’ll get to go check out a different world, a different place.

The young athletes are really looking forward to this trip to Singapore, but insufficient travel funds have become a real headache. With 16 members, including coaches and athletes, the team’s expenses for this trip have been estimated at NT$1.4 million. The team has already fundraised NT$500,000, but they’re nervous since they’re still NT$900,000 short of what they need to make the trip become a reality.

Chen Peng-yu
Coach of Zhonghua Elementary archery team
The teams need to come up with the budget themselves. Now, many of the students are the children of disadvantaged families, so there’s a lot of difficulty when it comes to getting the funds needed. The parents can help, but they’re truly limited in the amount of resources they can provide.

The registration deadline is in mid-June. If they’re not able to pull together enough money, then they’ll have to forfeit despite earning the right to represent their country. So these young archers are hoping generous benefactors can offer some support in their quest to bring honor to Taiwan through the sport of archery.

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