Graduating students in Yunlin given a special steak dinner by a local business

Graduating students in Yunlin given a special steak dinner by a local business


Graduating students in Yunlin have been given a special dinner by a local business. A Yunlin steak restaurant treated all the graduates of Feisha Junior High to a dinner to congratulate them on completing their exams. In rural Sihu Township, a proper steak isn’t available on every street corner, so many students said they’d been really looking forward to the meal. The restaurant also gave a valuable scholarship to an exceptional student. It hopes its philanthropic work will inspire students to give back to the community when their time comes.

A mouthwatering steak is served, filling the room with a sizzle and a delicious scent.

A Yunlin business offered these students a graduation gift of a delicious steak.

Feisha Junior High graduate
We’re in a rather remote place, and normally the only place we’d get a steak is at a night market, because it’s really far away.

The business owners were delighted to see students enjoying the special dinner.

Chen Ying-hsien
Steak chain restaurant executive director
It’s a blessing to be helped, but it’s an even greater blessing to help others. We wanted to make a small contribution to encourage others to do the same, and contribute to a more positive social environment.

Many students said they had been looking forward to the treat ever since they saw the class of 2023 enjoying it last year. Now it’s finally their turn.

Feisha Junior High graduate
Ever since the exam, I’ve been really looking forward to coming to the steak restaurant. I want to thank the principal and the restaurant for organizing it.

Aside from the meal, each graduate also received a small gift. The restaurant also presented a NT$20,000 red packet as a scholarship.

Chen Chao-lung
Feisha Junior High principal
For children in rural areas, it’s a great thing to look forward to, a steak dinner.

The company plans to continue its support of local students, and hopes that when they grow up and find success, they will want to give back to the community too.

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