De facto Japanese embassy brings Japanese expats to Hualien to boost local tourism

De facto Japanese embassy brings Japanese expats to Hualien to boost local tourism


The east coast city of Hualien has been devastated after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck off its coast on April 3, and the local tourism sector has been especially hard hit. Japan has donated money to Taiwan to help with recovery efforts, but now it has gone a step further. The de facto Japanese embassy, Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, is encouraging Japanese expats in Taiwan to visit Hualien, and over the weekend it led a group of 40 Japanese to the city. The group described having an enjoyable trip that featured dolphin sightings, indigenous archery, dancing and food. One even said he would be back later with his family.

The Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association over the weekend invited Japanese living in Taiwan to visit Hualien. Tourism in the county has taken a hit since a magnitude 7.2 quake struck the area in early April.

The group of 40 Japanese boarded a whale-watching vessel, and was fortunate to snap some pictures of dolphins frolicking in the water near the boat.

Kakizawa Michi
Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association
Our members really enjoyed seeing all the dolphins, and it felt great to be by the ocean. So, I’d really encourage people to visit Hualien.

Chiu Hsi-tung
Whale-watching tour operator
They came here specially to encourage us and to check out Hualien. We hope this atmosphere of promotion can continue.

Whale-watching tours are a great reason to visit Hualien, but there are also activities to experience Amis culture.

At one event, the Japanese visitors learned an Amis dance, following along to instructions from a teacher. The visitors also got to try their hand at archery.

Kids also took part in the fun. One member of the group said he would come back to Hualien again in the future with his family.

Nishidai Tatsuya
Japanese tourist
The food was great, as is the local culture. It’s my first time in Hualien. Next time I’ll bring my family.

Katayama Kazuyuki
Japanese representative to Taiwan
I want to express my encouragement to locals affected by the earthquake. I will post about Hualien on Facebook and X, so other Japanese could know about it. This is my first time visiting Hualien, and I’m really touched by it.

Japanese representative to Taiwan, Katayama Kazuyuki, joined the group in Hualien at his own expense, and had nothing but good things to say about the east coast county. Katayama also said he would tell others about Hualien, which means more Japanese visitors may be making a trip to the county in the not-too-distant future.

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具體行動振興觀光! 日台交流協會號召40人遊花蓮





[[日本台灣交流協會總務部長 柿澤未知]]

[[賞鯨業者 邱錫棟]]




[[日本旅客 西代辰彌]]
“吃的東西很好吃,然後文化很好,第一次來花蓮, (下次)一起跟我的家人來”

[[日本駐台代表 片山和之]]



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