Pet owners everywhere taking on ‘hands in’ challenge

Pet owners everywhere taking on ‘hands in’ challenge


Have you tried the “hands in” challenge? In the social media trend sweeping the globe, two people stack their hands on top of each other in front of their dog and wait to see what they do. Most of the canines will follow suit and put their paw on top in heart-melting imitation. More videos are being shared every day, and even cats have joined in the fun. But why do our furry friends understand the challenge? Let’s find out...

With your dog watching, stack your hands on top of one another. A second later, she will follow suit. Even this majestic golden retriever gives in eventually to the delight of his owners.

Some of the dogs are just confused and stare awkwardly at their humans, while others reach for the wrong place and whack their sibling in the nose. The “hands in” challenge has been sweeping the internet, with pet owners from around the world sharing videos.

Dog trainer
Most of the time they already know “shake.” When they see a hand like this, it looks like we’re asking for a shake, so they’ll naturally put out their paw. We think it’s cute when dogs shake, so they’ll like to do it because we like it.

But it’s not just dogs. Cats have also joined in the trend.

Wearing sunglasses and a gold chain, the placid-faced Zai Zai isn’t even moved when cat grass is put in front of his nose, making his owners burst out laughing. But don’t despair, cat owners. It works sometimes.

From the same white couch, a tabby, orange cat and calico all proudly add their paws to the pile. If you haven’t tried it yet, go ahead and give it a shot with your own furry friend.

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狗狗"疊手挑戰"爆紅! 全世界毛主人都在玩


你有試過跟家裡的毛小孩玩疊手嗎?從國外爆紅的handsin挑戰,兩人在狗狗面前,伸出手疊在一起,觀察狗狗反應,沒想到許多毛小孩都會跟手放上去,可愛模樣融化大家的心,在社群上越來越多人分享影片,就連貓咪也來挑戰,究竟甚麼原因讓毛小孩會疊手呢? 一起來看看!


也有狗狗看了好困惑,盯著主人們一陣尷尬,或是手放錯地方,直接壓在旁邊的狗狗頭上,日前在社群媒體上,開始出現 handsin 疊手挑戰,不分國家的毛小孩爸媽,通通來玩,大家紛紛上傳影片掀起旋風。

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