Top doctor dedicates himself to serving rural communities of Taitung

Top doctor dedicates himself to serving rural communities of Taitung


You might have heard of patients coming to Taipei to consult a top doctor, or even going abroad for a rare treatment. But have you heard of Taipei residents heading to Taitung for the best medical care? If you have an ear, nose or throat issue, you might consider it. Thirteen years ago, Dr. Chen Lukedaw left a prestigious post in the capital to serve the people of Taitung. Now he’s attracting patients into the county. Now in his 70s, he’s determined to keep on giving his best to the rural communities of the east coast as long as he can.

Mr. Hsu
He’s the best doctor I’ve ever had.

This patient has a frog in his throat describing the impact of Dr. Chen Lukedaw’s care. The ear, nose and throat specialist at Taitung Christian Hospital has many patients come to him all the way from Taipei, for his heartfelt and conscientious treatment.

Relative of patient
Dr. Chen’s medical skills and his attitude are wonderful. We still live in Taipei, and we come here on the train just to see him.

Dr. Chen conducts a careful examination, not letting a single detail escape his notice. He’s been working here in Taitung for 13 years, serving communities with relatively underdeveloped medical services, and attracting countless grateful patients.

Dr. Chen Lukedaw
Taitung Christian Hospital
The foreign missionaries would say that the U.S. was just over the road, but the top of the mountain was a world away. It seemed rather tragic to me, that they came all the way from over the ocean, with their whole family in tow, still young, to help folks in Taitung. But our own Taiwanese neighbors wouldn’t do anything to help.

That thought inspired Dr. Chen to retire from National Taiwan University Hospital at the age of just 58. He moved 300 kilometers away to Taitung, and became the ear, nose and throat expert at Taitung Christian Hospital. Although it was tough for his family, they supported his vision.

Son of Dr. Chen Lukedaw
That year when he was officially going to move to Taitung, we bought a new car, and we all went for a family trip to Sun Moon Lake. Then we drove home, and he stayed here. Usually it’s the children who eventually leave home, but for us it was our dad who left home.

Now he’s also branched out into education, paying for a “Classroom of Hope” where children from rural villages can receive free tutoring.

Dr. Chen Lukedaw
Taitung Christian Hospital
I had a fall one year, when I had a stroke. But God brought me back to life, giving me a new life. My doctor said that my work here wasn’t complete yet, and that I had to keep on going.

Now 70 years old, Dr. Chen has had seven stents put in his heart, but he’s still full of enthusiasm for his work, determined to keep on serving the people of Taitung for as long as he can.

台東仁醫陳玉祥 行醫13年守護當地健康



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