Registration opens for Taipei 101 Run-up in May

Registration opens for Taipei 101 Run-up in May


Most of the world’s marathons are held on terrain that varies from flat to hilly. But the Taipei 101 Vertical Marathon poses a different kind of challenge. The endurance athletes competing in the event push themselves to run up flight after flight of stairs to the very top of the skyscraper. This excruciating test of fitness was also selected as the Towerrunning World Association’s 2024 world championship race, an event that Taipei last held in 2018.

Competitors from around the world are running… up flight after flight of stairs. A test of endurance and strength. This footage is from last year’s Taipei 101 Vertical Marathon, which features 91 floors and 2,046 steps. The finish line is 390 meters above the ground.

Despite being well past 60 years old and running a financial news outlet, Hsieh Chin-ho is an avid amateur road race runner who’ll once again be competing in this year’s event, which is also called the Taipei 101 Run-up. Hsieh finished in just 28 minutes last year, and 64-year-old Minister Without Portfolio Chang Ching-sen finished one minute faster than Hsieh.

Hsieh Chin-ho
Wealth Magazine CEO
I’ve never pursued a certain PR. I’m just testing out my fitness, so if I run faster or run slower, none of that has ever mattered to me.

Chang Hsueh-shun
Taipei 101 chair
Before the pandemic, this championship race was extremely important to the world, because it was the site of the Towerrunning World Championships. This year the pandemic is over, which allows us to hold the world championship race event again. So, the race will probably get the world’s attention.

The Taipei 101 Vertical Marathon will be held on May 4 and registration begins on March 15. This is the second time Taipei 101 will serve as the venue of the Towerrunning World Association’s world championship race, so this year there will be two divisions: an open group and the TWA group, which will be more physically-taxing. The TWA group will start from ground level and then race up 91 floors, and then just one hour later they’ll run up 59 floors.

Chao Jui-chuan
2023 Taipei Run-up women’s winner
This time I just want to break my own PB, so for this year I hope I can place in the top 30.

Last year, Chao won the women’s division, and this year she is hoping to keep performing well as she competes against tower-running enthusiasts from around the world.

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台北101垂直馬拉松報名啟動! 謝金河.張景森是資深跑者





[[財訊董事長 謝金河]]

[[台北101董事長 張學舜]]


[[去年女子組冠軍 趙瑞娟]]



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