Previous AIT deputy director rumored to be pegged for the organization’s next chief

Previous AIT deputy director rumored to be pegged for the organization’s next chief


Raymond Greene is no stranger to officials in Taiwan, where the U.S. diplomat formerly served as deputy director of AIT, and before that as an AIT section chief. Greene has also had a stint in Manila and currently serves in Tokyo. Now there are reports that he is set to make a return to AIT Taipei as its head, and reactions have been positive.

Raymond Greene (2021)
Former AIT deputy director
I will be leaving Taiwan for Japan next week, but fortunately will not be leaving the relationship. In fact, I look forward to contributing to the already strong momentum in U.S.-Taiwan-Japan trilateral cooperation.

Rumors have suggested that Raymond Greene will return to AIT in the capacity of director, after incumbent director Sandra Oudkirk ends her term in June.

Raymond Greene (2021)
Former AIT deputy director
Taiwanese should feel proud and confident about their achievements.

Greene currently serves as deputy chief of mission at the U.S. embassy in Tokyo. Prior to that, he served as AIT deputy director from 2018 to 2021, and before that, he was deputy chief of AIT’s Political Section. With his rich experience in the Asia-Pacific region, Greene has been called a “first-island chain expert.”

Wang Ting-yu
DPP legislator
Throughout his past political tenures, Greene has served all over the first-island chain. If he could serve as the director of AIT in Taipei, that would be of great help to Taiwan, Japan and the U.S. in terms of communication, coordination, and diplomatic and strategic affairs.

Raymond Greene (2021)
Former AIT deputy director
You have to come to Taiwan to really understand it, because I’ve never met anyone who has come to Taiwan and not left loving the place.

In 2020, when Taiwan launched a referendum on renaming its Olympic team, it was reported that China moved to block Taiwan from participating under a new name. Greene at the time actively communicated with the U.S. and Japanese governments on the issue and spoke up on Taiwan’s behalf. The following year when Taiwan was facing a vaccine shortage, Greene and other officials at AIT worked hard to get 2.5 million doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine shipped to Taiwan from the U.S.

Chen Shih-min
National Taiwan University professor
I personally believe that as someone married to a Taiwanese, Greene would make good use of the position of AIT director to help Taiwan get assistance from the U.S. when such a need arises.

With his in-depth understanding of Taiwanese affairs, and track record of conveying Taiwan’s situation to the U.S. government, expectations are high for Greene to return to Taiwan as head of the de facto U.S. embassy.

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孫曉雅任期將屆滿 傳出由"台灣女婿"谷立言掌AIT



[[前AIT副處長 谷立言(2021)]]
“這並不代表我與美台關係的連結,將畫下句點 ,事實上我很期待未來,能為現在正蒸蒸日上的,美日台三方合作關係,貢獻一己之力”


[[前AIT副處長 谷立言(2021)]]


[[立委(民) 王定宇]]

[[前AIT副處長 谷立言(2021)]]


[[台大政治系教授 陳世民]]



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