Dance Now Asia ongoing until Nov. 12

Dance Now Asia ongoing until Nov. 12


The Dance Now Asia Festival seeks to promote the development of dance and cultivate talent in cities across Asia. This year’s first-ever festival will showcase performances by Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean dance masters. FTV reporter Stephany Yang has the highlights.

The Dance Now Asia Festival is underway, featuring talks, Q&A sessions, workshops and master classes for dancers.

Ho Hsiao-mei
Asian countries has a long history and culture. And also, we have very traditional dance ceremonies which are very beautiful. We used to go to Europe. We think that Europe is the best, but we also have to think where we are. We are Asian. We have our cultural aesthetics. What is our dance. What is our body language?

National Award for Arts winner Ho Hsiao-mei is chief curator of the festival. She is joined by co-curators Keiko Takeya, founder of Japan’s Dance 01 company, and Moonsuk Choi, Daegu City Dance Company’s artistic director.

Keiko Takeya
Recently, there are so many dance festivals in Asia but I need more I think because each country has a very wonderful traditional culture. Maybe, in the future to combine traditional and modern, and to make it regional.

Moonsuk Choi
We are really excited to collaborate with these three countries as well as to know each other. Exactly in this moment in the world, there are a lot of things going on, but we wanted to have one voice through this festival. This is very important to send the message to the world.

The festival also includes two days of performances that are open to the public. Nine dancers from Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea will be showcased at Taiwan’s historic Zhongshan Hall.

Jiang Meng-fang
Taipei Zhongshan Hall director
The reason that we host this festival is that Taipei Zhongshan Hall right now is in a transformation period of time. We hope that in 10 years from now, we are going to become a dance center in Taipei, maybe in Taiwan. So, for Zhongshan Hall and the Department of Cultural Affairs in Taipei, 2023 Dance Now Asia is a very important project.

The performances of Dance Now Asia 2023 will be staged on Nov. 11 and 12.

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DNA舞蹈節開跑 台日韓舞蹈家中山堂共舞


為了推動亞洲各城市舞蹈發展並培養人才,中山堂舉辦第一屆「2023 Dance Now Asia」舞蹈節,力邀台灣、日本、韓國舞蹈大師齊聚,一同交流、演出。一起來看看亮點!

「2023 Dance Now Asia」舞蹈節登場,也特別規畫講座、Q&A問答、交流工作坊和舞者大師班。

[[策展人 何曉玫]]


[[共同策展人 竹屋啟子]]

[[共同策展人 崔紋碩]]


[[中山堂主任 江孟芳]]
"我們主辦這個舞蹈節,是因為台北市中山堂現在正處於轉型期,我們希望10年後,這裡能成為台北,甚至是全台灣的舞蹈發展中心。所以,對台北市中山堂和文化部來說,「2023 Dance Now Asia」是一個非常重要的計畫。"

「2023 Dance Now Asia」舞蹈節的演出將於11月11日至12日登場。


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