ITRI honored with eight accolades at R&D 100 Awards ceremony

ITRI honored with eight accolades at R&D 100 Awards ceremony


The R&D 100 Awards, known as the Oscars of Innovation, celebrated its winners last week at a San Diego ceremony. The Industrial Technology Research Institute, or ITRI, was honored with eight awards, outshining major research organizations including the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and Siemens Healthineers.

Flick, scroll, swipe. Whether for work or entertainment, mobile devices are now integral to daily life. As prolonged screen time strains the eyes, conditions like glaucoma are on the rise. In response, medical experts have developed a novel targeted therapy for glaucoma. It uses a compound that targets two protein kinases to lower intraocular pressure.

Lu Jui-mei
ITRI biomedical technology and device research lab
We used two innovative targets, one called ROCK and the other called MYLK-4. This form of dual targeting to treat intraocular pressure is very unique.

Besides glaucoma, aging populations can also be plagued by retinal degeneration. Experts pioneered eye drops that use molecular-level carriers to deliver medication to the posterior eyeball, replacing invasive injections. This new treatment reduces the risk of infection and the need for frequent hospital visits. The breakthrough has won international recognition.

Paul Heney
R&D World editorial director
I would say that one of the keys that I’ve seen is many of the products being submitted and winning, are not just gradual evolutions, but real innovative breakthroughs. So that’s something that the judges pick up on.

Edwin Liu
ITRI president
Only 28 awards were conferred outside of the U.S., and Taiwan won 12 of them. Of these 12, we at ITRI won eight. I think that this is truly an outstanding performance. We’re also very happy that all of our winning technologies have already made industry connections.

Dubbed the Oscars of Innovation, the R&D 100 Awards conferred 12 awards to Taiwan this year. Supported by the economics ministry’s Department of Industrial Technology and Ministry of Digital Affairs, ITRI secured eight of those awards, setting a new record. Its winning technologies include net-zero solutions and biomedical innovations. They have already been turned into industry applications, underscoring ITRI’s mission to research for the benefit of society.

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全球百大科技研發獎 工研院奪8大獎創史上新高




[[生醫所副所長 呂瑞梅]]
“利用一個很創新的標靶,一個叫ROCK 另一個是MYLK-4,這個雙標靶,在治療高眼壓的新藥上面是非常的特別”


[[R&D World副總暨總編 保羅希尼]]

[[工研院院長 劉文雄]]



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