Foreign representatives featured in ‘Seeing the World from Taoyuan’ lecture series

Foreign representatives featured in ‘Seeing the World from Taoyuan’ lecture series


The Taoyuan City Government has launched a lecture series at the new Taoyuan Main Public Library. The series, titled “Seeing the World from Taoyuan,” features foreign representatives speaking about their home countries. Through the lectures, audiences are invited to expand their global horizons, by getting a glimpse into the customs and beauty of countries around the world.

The director-general of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan accepts a gift from Taoyuan Deputy Mayor Wang Ming-jiuh. The box is filled with delicacies from Daxi District. The atmosphere is convivial as the officials and participants pose for photos.

The event was part of the lecture series “Seeing the World from Taoyuan.” The Spanish representative talked about his home country’s economy, culture, tourism, to bring the audience closer to Spain and to expand their international horizons.

Eduardo Euba Aldape
Spanish Chamber of Commerce director-general
Apart from presenting my country, I hope that today I’m going to learn many things about Taoyuan. Taoyuan has one of the most beautiful public libraries in Taiwan.

The event was held at Taoyuan’s newly completed main public library. The facility is touted as Taiwan’s most eco-friendly library, with the highest number of smart technology applications.

Wang Ming-jiuh
Taoyuan deputy mayor
As everyone knows, Taoyuan is the gateway to the nation. We’re also a city that aspires to be international. We’re proactively carrying out city diplomacy and engaging in international exchanges. We’re very happy to have the representative, Mr. Euba, come and share with us these facts about Spain.

Previously in the series, New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office Director Mark Pearson discussed cultural exchanges between his country and Taiwan. In December, the library will host U.K. representative to Taiwan John Dennis. Through the lecture series, the city aims to showcase its engagement with other nations, to underscore its position as the nation’s gateway.

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"從桃園看世界" 各國駐台代表分享經濟.旅遊資訊





[[西班牙商務辦事處處長 Eduardo Euba Aldape]]


[[桃園市副市長 王明鉅]]



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