Tainan Art Museum puts artists with intellectual disabilities in the limelight

Tainan Art Museum puts artists with intellectual disabilities in the limelight


Tainan Art Museum has launched a new show featuring dozens of artists with intellectual disabilities. “Art: The Power of Freedom” showcases hundreds of works in diverse media, from creators in Japan and Taiwan. It aims to give visitors new perspectives on the world, by centering disabled people’s creative expression. The show has been curated in partnership with Taiwan Parents’ Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability.

Hundreds of guests on- and offstage send their paper airplanes flying, transporting back to childhood, to mark the opening of the new show, “Art: The Power of Freedom.”

These many tiny figures each have a unique expression. Some wear hats or ear muffs. This snowman was created by Wang Shao-hua. Hundreds of snowmen line up, full of the charm of childhood.

Tainan Art Museum partnered with the Parents’ Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability, to produce this show. It presents the work of 50 artists from Taiwan and Japan with intellectual disabilities, ranging across paintings, sculptures, and textiles. The 200-plus works are noted for their artistic flair and freedom.

Liu Chen-feng
Parents’ Assoc. for Persons with Intellectual Disability, Taiwan
I really hope that over its three months, this exhibition can show more people the artistic gifts of people with intellectual disabilities. It can help you get to know them, to understand them, and learn to accept them. It’s about achieving cultural equality and social integration.

Lin Jui-hsiang
Tainan Art Museum curator
We start to understand people with intellectual disabilities. They have exceptional gifts, and exceptionally wise artistic expressions. These works help us to reflect on our social condition. That’s the main spiritual idea we want to transmit.

Member of public
I just heard something special, which is that a painting of a cactus in the show was completed in just 50 minutes. I think that the perspectives of service users can give us a different type of reflection.

These creators find freedom in art. Their raw expression of their experiences gives this exhibition a power that definitely lives up to its name.

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