VP Lai chats with international students at Lunar New Year party in Taichung

VP Lai chats with international students at Lunar New Year party in Taichung


Ahead of Spring Festival, Vice President Lai Ching-te made a special appearance at a holiday party in Taichung. At the event, he chatted with international students and said he hoped Taiwan would become their second home. He also engaged in a traditional Lunar New Year activity, picking up a brush to write spring couplets.

Vice President Lai Ching-te picks up a brush to write the Chinese character for “blessing” on red paper.

With the Lunar New Year coming up, Lai went to Taichung to visit a branch of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families. He joined the charity’s year-end party, together with international students in Taiwan. They included a student from Eswatini who hopes to become a doctor.

International student
I wrote my wish for the new year. Thank you. I want to become a doctor, to help others.

Also in attendance was a student from Mongolia who’s lived in Taiwan for five years. He wrote calligraphy in Mongolian to convey good wishes for Lai and Taiwan.

International student
The calligraphy I wrote today is a message wishing you happiness.

Lai Ching-te
Vice president
On behalf of the government, I offer you my warmest welcome to Taiwan. I would also like to wish you all the best in your lives and studies, and hope that you’ll feel the warmth of the people of Taiwan. Taiwanese society is very friendly, and they welcome you all here. I hope that in the future, you will consider Taiwan a second home that you love.

Spring Festival is an important holiday in Taiwan. Ahead of the break, Lai showed his commitment to youth issues and to the wellbeing of foreign students in Taiwan. At the year-end event, he chatted with students from around the world and showed them the traditions of Taiwan.

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賴清德出席家扶活動 秀書法毛筆字寫"福"





[[海外留學生 馬昕葳]]


[[海外留學生 恩奇]]

[[副總統 賴清德]]



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