South Korean and Japanese musicians coming to perform in Taiwan this year

South Korean and Japanese musicians coming to perform in Taiwan this year


Singers and performers from around the world are coming to Taiwan this year. Among them is South Korean singer-songwriter IU, who will be holding two concerts over the Tomb Sweeping Festival break. Also this week CNBLUE from South Korea will be rocking up Kaoshiung. And if you’re a fan of Japanese-American singer Hikaru Utada, here’s some good news, as the artist will be coming to Taipei on Aug. 10.

Japanese-American singer Hikaru Utada’s 1999 song “First Love” is also the name of the new hit Japanese TV series, which portrays a love story so unforgettable that the show has earned Netflix Top 10 honors in countries around the world.

Utada, who debuted 25 years ago, announced that she’s coming to Taiwan. The Japanese-American singer hasn’t gone on tour in six years. One of her stops on her international tour is Taipei.

Utada surprised her fans when she announced that she’ll be performing in Taipei Arena on Aug. 10. But music lovers will need to train their reaction time if they want to get their hands on concert tickets.

South Korea’s IU is the next major musical artist coming to Taiwan, with concerts scheduled for the Tomb-Sweeping Festival break. The singer-songwriter’s two shows in Taiwan were sold out within seconds.

IU’s shows in South Korea have featured K-Pop groups such as New Jeans and Le Sserafim as opening acts. So fans are quite excited to see if IU has any surprises in store for her shows in Taiwan.

IU isn’t the only South Korean musician coming to Taiwan. CNBLUE is coming too. The band’s members have been active since 2009, and during this time the group has created many well-known hits. The group is now back together after seven years of doing solo acts. It’s the group’s first time coming to Southern Taiwan, where they’ll be poised to get music fans at Kaohsiung Music Center hyped up.

With Asian pop music singers and bands coming to Taiwan one after another, Taiwanese fans will be able to see and hear their favorite musicians without even having to get on a plane.

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IU、CNBLUE清明連假接力演出 宇多田光宣布8月來台


清明連假南北台灣即將嗨翻天,韓國小歌后IU,以及出道多年,仍是高人氣樂團的CNBLUE,接棒登台演出,準備讓粉絲大飽耳福,下半年還有以超夯日劇"First Love 初戀",再度翻紅的宇多田光,宣布舉辦巡迴演場會,將在8月首度來台開唱。

與日籍歌手宇多田光歌曲同名的日劇"First Love 初戀",圍繞難忘的純愛故事,在串流平台上播出後,登上不少國家的熱搜寶座。




IU韓國場演唱會邀來女團NewJeans以及LE SSERAFIM擔任嘉賓,也讓粉絲相當期待台灣場的演出,又會有什麼樣的驚喜。




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