Scams, inflation among public’s top priorities for incoming government: survey

Scams, inflation among public’s top priorities for incoming government: survey


What do people want most from the incoming government? They want a crackdown on scams, according to a recent poll. In a survey commissioned by RWNews, scams came in as the top public priority, with nearly 50% of respondents listing it. Other high concerns were inflation, school bullying, cross-strait relations, and air pollution.

Joined by Vice Premier-designate Cheng Li-chiun, Vice President Lai Ching-te attended Cybersec 2024 to show support for the cybersecurity industry.

Lai Ching-te
Taiwan is the country in the world that’s targeted most by disinformation. But here’s some good news. This allows us to fortify our cybersecurity industry and put ourselves in a more advantageous position compared to other countries.

According to a recent poll, cyberattacks and disinformation are a top public priority.

Online media outlet RWNews asked the public which reforms they wanted to see the incoming government prioritize. Nearly 50% said they hoped to see action against scams. More than 40% wanted policies against inflation, bullying, cross-strait relations and pollution.

Jang Chyi-lu
Legislative Yuan honorary consultant
It shows that those five issues are of high concern to the general public. It means four in 10 people care about these five issues.

Respondents were asked which national policies needed the most improvement or change. Economic and financial policies came out on top, with 40.3% asking for change. In second place was domestic affairs and security, with 31.1%. Third was social welfare and labor policies, with 28.5%.

Jonathan Lin
KMT lawmaker
The uneven and homogenous nature of industrial development has created the wealth gap we see today.

Lin Kuo-cheng
TPP lawmaker
When you have a poll, you’ve got a direction to follow. When you have a direction to follow, you’ve got to find a way to resolve the issue.

Chang Hung-lu
DPP lawmaker
We can all work together and spur on the incoming government.

In a rare moment of cross-party agreement, lawmakers said the poll gives a direction for reform to the Lai administration.

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