KMT lawmaker Fu Kun-chi proposes special investigation unit

KMT lawmaker Fu Kun-chi proposes special investigation unit


KMT caucus convener Fu Kun-chi wants to create a special investigation unit to tackle corruption. The unit would be directed by the Legislative Yuan, and would have the right to hold hearings and legally require truthful testimony. The proposal has drawn criticism from the green camp, which fears that investigations would be used as a political tool. The Taiwan People’s Party says it will wait for more details before commenting.

Fu Kun-chi (Feb. 3)
KMT caucus convener
We’re fully committed to pushing for a special investigation unit in parliament that has the right to hold hearings, conduct investigations, prohibit contempt for parliament, and require truthful testimony. We want to legally institute this.

Speaking at a banquet in Hualien, KMT lawmaker Fu Kun-chi proposed the idea of a legislative investigation unit. Critics call it an attempt to unlawfully expand power, in violation of the Constitution.

Fu Kun-chi (Feb. 3)
KMT caucus convener
As the DPP has disbanded the Special Investigation Division, we the parliament have a right and responsibility to safeguard the public interest, to ensure that our nation’s operations are transparent and to provide the greatest protection to the people.

Rosalia Wu
DPP caucus secretary-general
After his long tenure as King of Hualien, Fu Kun-chi now wants to be the Xi Jinping of the Legislative Yuan. Setting up a legislative investigation unit is no different from brazenly creating execution chambers to punish dissenting officials, who are guilty until proven innocent. It’s a flagrant act against democracy, an attempt to expand one’s own power.

The Taiwan People’s Party had called for parliamentary reform on the campaign trail, but it declined to comment on Fu’s proposal.

Huang Kuo-chang
Taiwan People’s Party caucus convener
With major policies like this, especially with regard to how their legislation is designed, we have to exercise caution. We’re still not entirely clear on the details of Convener Fu’s proposal, on what the investigation unit entails, and so it’s hard to comment.

Tsai Yi-yu
DPP lawmaker
Each party caucus has its own position on future legislation. We must wait for the caucuses to formally present their proposals. We have to see the provisions to know what the details are. It’s a bit early to weigh in now.

The white and green camps say they’ll wait and see what Fu’s plan entails. With the two camps combined holding a majority, they’re set to have significant sway on the bill’s trajectory.

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