Transport operators brace for Spring Festival rush

Transport operators brace for Spring Festival rush


Taiwan’s transport network is bracing for the Lunar New Year travel rush. To accommodate the surge, railway and high speed rail operators have increased capacity by as much as 29%. Ridership is expected to peak next Monday, two days before the holiday ends. On Wednesday, Premier Chen Chien-jen visited an emergency response center at Taipei Main Station. He thanked transport workers for staying on duty over the holiday to ensure safe travels for the public.

Taipei Main Station is bustling as travelers get a head start on the holiday. Premier Chen Chien-jen stopped by the station in the morning, to thank the workers who will keep Taiwan moving over the break.

Chen Chien-jen
I know that everyone will give their best effort, and that excellent preparations have been made for transporting passengers. Taiwan Railway has increased capacity by 6.5% this year, and Taiwan High Speed Rail has increased capacity by 29%. Road transport is also being managed very well with an excellent app and content management system.

Wang Kwo-tsai
Transport minister
I’d like to once again thank everyone in the transport sector. During Spring Festival, when everyone else is off on a break, our colleagues in transportation will be working very hard.

The minister said that transport systems are expecting full capacity over the holiday. Peak ridership is expected for Monday, or the third day of the new lunar year.

Feng Hui-sheng
Taiwan Railway Corporation
The greatest passenger volume should be seen on the third day of the new lunar year. We expect to hit 817,000 trips. Based on that estimate, we will add train services to meet demand.

Lu Wei-tung
Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation
We expect between 199,000 to 313,000 passenger trips. The estimate of 313,000 is for the third day of the new lunar year. If we do see that many passenger trips, it would mark the third-highest volume in the history of the high speed rail.

The high speed rail expects to handle the third-highest number of passengers in its history. Over Spring Festival, transport operators will stand firm at their posts, to ensure a safe journey home for the public.

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