Tourists flock to Sanxiantai after eight-arched footbridge reopens

Tourists flock to Sanxiantai after eight-arched footbridge reopens


In Taitung County, a footbridge leading to Sanxiantai island has reopened after more than a year of earthquake repairs. The reopening has drawn a wave of visitors to the area, giving a boon to local businesses.

Known for its majestic views and rich cultural heritage, Sanxiantai is a must-visit destination in Taitung. Its eight-arched bridge reopened on Monday, after more than a year of repairs due to earthquake damage.

It’s a lovely walk along the bridge. We’re local to the area. At long last, the bridge has reopened, after being closed for more than a year. We’ve been asking for this for so long.

The reopening has been a boon for local vendors, as it’s drawn a wave of tourists. Businesses say that sales are finally picking up.

Lee Hung-yung
Sanxiantai vendor
We’ve seen a massive influx of visitors since the bridge reopened. Business has been great, and the tourists are all having a fun time. They’re enjoying their shopping and their snacking.

The eight-arched bridge spans 320 meters long, and its stairs have a total of 320 steps. It stretches across the sea and affords different views as the tides change, making it a prime spot for shutterbugs. The bridge was closed to the public in 2022 after the Sept. 18 earthquake. It reopened more than half a year later, following repairs.

Lin Lee Ching-i
East Coast National Scenic Area Administration
Of course the bridge and the island itself are ready for visitors. During the Lunar New Year holiday, we welcome people from all over to visit the Sanxiantai recreational area.

Visitors are reminded that in the event of winds exceeding Level 10 on the Beaufort scale, the arched bridge will be closed as a safety precaution.

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三仙台八拱橋重新開放! 遊客湧回憶殺"等好久了"


台東三仙台八拱橋 ,前年因為地震受損,加上橋齡已經50年,憂心老舊結構造成危險關閉檢修,這個月5號重新開放,消息傳出吸引許多遊客回籠。




[[三仙台販賣區業者 李宏勇]]


[[東管處台東站主任 林李清儀]]



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