Latest in smart and ecofriendly appliances at Taipei 2024 Electrical Appliances Expo

Latest in smart and ecofriendly appliances at Taipei 2024 Electrical Appliances Expo


The Taipei Electrical Appliances Expo has kicked off with the latest in home appliances on display. The big themes this year: artificial intelligence and energy efficiency. Among other innovations, there are air conditioning systems connected to mobile apps and fridges with low energy consumption that help with savings when it comes to electricity bills.

President Tsai Ing-wen, Premier Chen Chien-jen, and Presidential Office Secretary-General Lin Chia-lung inaugurate the Taipei 2024 Electrical Appliances Expo.

Tsai Ing-wen
As you all know, in just over a month I’ll be moving home. So today, I didn’t just come here to give you all my best wishes. I’m also here to look for things I need. I might consider some of these state-of-the-art appliances.

Chen Chien-jen
I heard that this expo has appliances with the smartest features, lowest carbon emissions and most innovative breakthroughs. So I will definitely have a look around the exhibits to find a good sound system to listen to music back in my office after May 20.

Wu Chang-wei
Air conditioning company rep
If it gets really hot in summer, you can use the mobile app to turn on the AC for your six pets at home.

The mention of her pets brought out a smile from Tsai, who walked around the floor looking at the latest home appliances. Several companies have put out smart air conditioning units that can be controlled remotely via a mobile app. They also include a power saving mode to keep electricity bills as low as possible.

With electricity prices set to go up on April 1, industry players are hoping to attract buyers with low-consumption appliances. They say products with high energy efficiency ratings are best.

Lin Chun-nan
Home appliance company rep
It automatically adjusts its power consumption by controlling the time it turns its compressor on and off, to achieve the highest energy efficiency.

Liao Chuan-ping
Taipei Electrical Commercial Association
All of the appliances we are showcasing have the top energy efficiency rating in line with the government’s 2025 standards. We expect sales this year to be 20% to 30% higher than before. We’re estimating at around NT$2 billion in sales.

The key concepts in this year’s exhibition are artificial intelligence and energy efficiency. With summer fast approaching, buyers can take advantage of government subsidies to save up to NT$5,000 thanks to appliance replacement programs and tax waivers.

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