New legislature inaugurates Taiwan Parliament Group for Hong Kong

New legislature inaugurates Taiwan Parliament Group for Hong Kong


DPP lawmaker Huang Jie inaugurated the Taiwan Parliament Group for Hong Kong on Friday. Amid China’s growing attempts to undermine Hong Kong’s freedoms, Huang called on the Mainland Affairs Council to prepare for any contingency and help Hong Kongers living in Taiwan integrate into Taiwanese society. Meanwhile a Hong Konger noted that China’s infiltration tactics in Taiwan were extremely similar to ones the Communist power had adopted in Hong Kong. He called on Taiwanese to cherish their democracy and offer support for Hong Kong.

The newly-elected Legislative Yuan has once again inaugurated another caucus, the Parliament Group for Hong Kong. DPP lawmaker Huang Jie has succeeded former lawmaker Freddy Lim as its head.

Huang Jie
DPP legislator
Article 23 of Hong Kong’s Basic Law has severely strengthened restrictions on the Hong Kong people’s freedom. In face of the future situation in Hong Kong, I hope that Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council will be prepared to help Hong Kongers integrate into life in Taiwan. We need to let people in Hong Kong know that Taiwan stands with Hong Kong.

Freddy Lim
Former legislator
The group was established in the last legislative term. When Joshua Wong came to me, we didn’t only discuss democracy and freedom, we also discussed esports and industries and how lawmakers from both sides could cooperate to promote various kinds of industrial exchanges.

Lim lamented that when the caucus was first established four years ago in the previous legislative term, the situation in Hong Kong was not as serious as it is now. Meanwhile Hong Kongers living in Taiwan are calling for Taiwan’s support, saying that even if the CPP controls the Hong Kong government and its Legislative Council, its people were working hard to resist China.

Sang Pu
Taiwan Hong Kong Association
The CCP’s ways of infiltrating Taiwan are actually very similar to the tactics it has used to infiltrate Hong Kong.

Lee Li-chen
Deputy MAC minister
We have revised the rules for Hong Kong and Macao residents to study in Taiwan. We’ve also revised laws on the recruitment and employment of foreign professionals, and established an office for exchange of Taiwan-Hong Kong services. Through inter-ministerial meetings, we hope to integrate the central government with local governments, public and private partners, and set up a network that can assist Hong Kongers living in Taiwan.

In the face of authoritarianism, Taiwan and Hong Kong are in similar situations. In addition to taking Hong Kong’s treatment as a warning, concerned Taiwanese are continuing to lend a helping hand to help Hong Kong go through its darkest moment.

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"台灣國會香港友好連線"成立 黃捷籲:珍惜.保護民主




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